Success Program – Discover your career success factors

  • You have achieved everything in your job, but you are unhappy?

  • Your career falters, and you’re not getting anywhere?

  • Or do you just want to know what you are capable of?

You are unhappy, and you lack prospects because you don’t even know what makes you successful in your job. Only those aware of their strengths and weaknesses who entirely use their abilities feel in the right place and can be at their best.

I will reveal what you are capable of and how to grow.

We start with analyzing your abilities – your Career Success Factors – through a professional tool. Subsequently, we will develop an individual plan on how you profitably use and expand these success factors. You will realize how to change general conditions in order to fully exploit your potential.

After the coaching, you will see your way clearly in front of you. You have fun at work. You confidently take your next career step, which fulfills and serves you. You identify your opportunities and thrive.

The CAREER BOOSTER – coaching program delivers how to use your career success factors optimally, and you get:

  • The analysis of your abilities for success on the job.

  • Me, as a coach at your side, who will provide a strategy on how to identify, strengthen and grow your success factors.

  • A partnership in which we discover step-by-step what is essential for a fulfilling job and what you can do to take the next step in your career.

  • We develop a plan on how to boost your success factors and use them

The success program includes:

  • Online access to a scientifically validated method for analyzing career success factors, including evaluation.

  • One-hour personal debriefing with individual feedback, including first suggestions for support and personal improvement ideas.

  • Eight online coaching sessions of 60 minutes each (scheduled at your convenience).

  • Ongoing support over six months and access to a members’ area, including tailored exercises.

  • Re-evaluation of you career success factors after 6 months, including individual feedback and a review of the accomplishments.

The program expands over six months and includes eight coaching sessions bookable at your convenience.