A Short Presentation Of The Analysis Method

I use the DNLA analysis method.

DNLA – Discovering Natural Latent Abilities is based upon fundamental research on “social competencies in the workplace” developed by the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Munich in the 1990s. The method was then fine-tuned for the needs of today’s workplace with the assistance of additional academic research, coaching, and human resource management. Plus, it has been continuously validated.

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What will be assessed?

  • The DIN-certified procedure neither evaluates any personality traits that are relatively stable and barely changeable anyhow, nor does it categorize participants into specific personality types.

  • Instead, the tool evaluates a person’s current level of 17 soft skill key factors of success.

  • In benchmarking with the best, the participant’s result is checked against a large pool of people, all top performers in the same or a similar job.

  • Thus, the results indicate whether a person’s abilities are above or below the best average.

  • Overall, the procedure provides a detailed, science-based picture of where a person stands at the moment. This assessment, combined with individual feedback and various suggestions for support and personal improvement, allows you to strengthen and develop a person’s abilities.