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We all know them – people who simply succeed in anything. Who go through everything. Who always moving forward. It is the colleague with the three children, the new job, and the career jump. The neighbor who is already running another marathon and cycling 25 kilometers to work every day.

Who is such a badass for you? Or are you one yourself? (In this case, you can stop reading now).

The good news is – each of us can really pull off a project and go our own way.

But What Are Badasses And What Are Their Characteristics?

Unfortunately, the term may have a rather negative connotation for some. But that’s not entirely correct. If one follows the definition of Wiktionary, badasses are persons “having an extreme appearance, attitude, or behavior that is considered admirable.”

Badasses are characterized by the fact that they uncompromisingly ‘do their thing’, do not give up, and achieve what is important to them in life. But how can you realize it?

Five Tips On How To Get Ahead and achieve goals


Set Tough Goals

To become a badass, you need to set badass goals. It is vital that your goals are aligned with your wishes, needs, and your life purpose. It’s always about evolving and being a better version of yourself.

Often we don’t set ourselves such goals because we don’t even think about what is possible.
What can you achieve and what do you want to impress yourself with? Are you ready to work hard and get out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to bite your way through, even if it seems hopeless or if you lack motivation for a short time?


Forget What Others Think Of You

If you go for big things, you will get criticism and doubt from those around you. This is completely normal. But that is exactly a great challenge for us humans. As social beings, we want to be part of the community and belong to it.
Anyone who takes on something big now automatically steps out of the crowd and creates something special that the majority don’t do. This often leads to a lack of understanding and rejection.
If you now set yourself a badassy goal, you should accept that not everyone approves your idea and evaluates it accordingly. Try not to care what others think of you – after all, it’s your life. You don’t have to apologize or justify yourself. Be strong and confident.

Accept To Fail And Be Willing To Take Risks

If you want to achieve something extraordinary, it will be difficult, unfamiliar, and often risky. It is also very likely that you will not succeed immediately. Things are going to go wrong and maybe you have to change your initial plan.

Before Tesla became a successful electric car brand, the company was almost crushed. Still, Elon Musk hasn’t given up.
Be ready to take risks and fail. Make a commitment that others don’t want to make.
Are you ready to work harder than anyone else? Are you ready to do things differently from everyone else? Are you ready to ‘fall on your face’, get up and move on? Are you ready to endure negative emotions?

Make Smart Decisions

Everything you achieve and how you will be in the future depends on the decisions you make now. Big decisions are made up of many small ones.

In order to achieve your big goal, you have to constantly decide on small steps and actions that bring you closer to your goal. You will only be successful if you act decisively and continuously make targeted decisions. Don’t rely on chance – keep the wheel in hand.


Accept Your Flaws And Deficits

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we’d like to forget or downplay the latter. That won’t help you on your way to becoming a badass.

Try to embrace your weaknesses and improve the areas that are hindering you on your way to your goal. Strengthen and develop the skills that are important. Only practice makes perfect.

Isn’t it great that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve great things?

Of course, not all of us can become Nobel Prize winner, CEO, or famous writer. But each of us has great talents and abilities that are often not used.
In which area are you already a badass? Is there something that you wholeheartedly want to achieve, that you are willing to work hard for and to grow beyond yourself? If yes, start today and think about how you can implement the five tips for yourself.

Take Away

  • In order to achieve extraordinary things, you have to set yourself tough goals, which you pursue with all your dedication, your energy, and all your heart.
  • You have to be ready to do ‘your business’ no matter what others think of it.
  • Be willing to take a risk and realize that things can go wrong or you can fail.
  • Create a plan and actively make decisions that will bring you closer to your goal. Doing nothing is not an option.
  • Admit your faults and accept them. Build up your knowledge and acquire new skills that you need on your way to become a badass.

Do you need a little support? Maybe coaching can help you find your badass goal and achieve it successfully. I am happy to assist.

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Andrea Seekatz

I'm a trained & certified coach (ICF) and psychologist. Don't forget: Take Care of Your Self.

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