Happy & Thriving Employees

— identifying, using and developing employee potential.

  • Do you care about your employees? You want them to work happily and stress-free, fit in with your company and be fully committed.

  • Would you like to know and develop the skills of your leaders and employees, plus take advantage of their potential?

  • Your company should flourish and be attractive. Would you like to identify potential areas of concern early and avoid conflicts?

For most organizations, it is challenging to find and keep the best and most qualified staff. Additionally, low motivation or dissatisfaction and high fluctuation could damage productivity.

Hidden conflicts and communication difficulties also burden everyday work life. On top, stress and excessive demands jeopardize staff’s health, resulting in medical leave with severe consequences for the company.

It doesn't have to be.

I will guide you in identifying and applying your employees’ abilities and thus ensure the company’s success.

First, we analyze your employee’s strengths and weaknesses by applying an objective and scientifically validated tool.

Besides feedback in a personal debriefing, we subsequently develop an individual plan on how to use and grow existing Career Success Factors profitably. We also identify adverse general conditions and change them accordingly so employees can unlock their potential.

Followed by a supporting coaching program, participants develop their strengths, detect opportunities for change, and implement them in their everyday work.

After the coaching, participants see their path clearly and have pleasure at work. They use their skills effectively and are highly motivated.

We will re-evaluate the career success factors once more with an annual success check to uncover any transformations. By doing so, you establish a cost- and time-efficient system for sustainable personnel development. It ensures continued success, delivers a competitive advantage, and makes you an attractive employer.

The success program for Happy & Thriving Employees reveals how to take advantage of your staff’s potential, and you will get:

  • Analysis of abilities for success in the job. For every employee, for managers or entire teams.

  • Me as a coach at your side. I will develop a strategy with your employees to maintain and expand their career success factors.

  • A partnership at eye level, in which we gradually figure out what it takes, so employees and leaders can tap into their full potential.

  • We create a plan for sustainable personnel development as well as enjoyable and productive work.

The success program includes:

  • One-hour introductory meeting with each participant to discuss the personal situation.

  • Individual online access to a scientifically validated method for analyzing career success factors, including evaluation.

  • One-hour personal debriefing with individual feedback, including first suggestions for support and personal improvement ideas

  • Five or ten online coaching sessions of 60 minutes each (scheduled at your convenience).

  • Participant’s ongoing support over six months and access to a members’ area, including tailored exercises.

  • Re-evaluation of employee’s career success factors (annual success check) after 6 or 12 months, including individual feedback and a review of the accomplishments.