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When Michelangelo once was asked how he managed to create such wonderful sculptures like the David, his simple answer was, “The sculpture is already in the marble. I just had to remove the excess stone.”
Similar to the statue hidden in the block of marble, our talents are also concealed, waiting to be uncovered. But how can we discover and utilize these hidden abilities?

The first step: Recognize Your Potential

First and foremost, we must become aware that we all have multiple talents and abilities, even if they are not immediately obvious. Things we are really excellent at often don’t seem particularly special to us – ‚it’s just ‘normal.’ A potential analysis can help uncover these hidden strengths and provide a more objective view of ourselves.

The second step: Utilize Your Potential

Once we have discovered our abilities, it is important to use and develop them intentionally. We can train our strengths in everyday life by not limiting ourselves to only doing what comes easy, but also being willing to face new challenges and step out of our comfort zone.

The third step: Maximize And Expand Your Potential

To fully use our strengths, we must continuously evolve and be open to change. This means attempting new things, making mistakes, and learning from them.
Plus, we should actively pursue further education and support from mentors and teachers.

So, it’s about continuing to develop – because those who rest, rust. And that is also true of our strengths and abilities.

Six Ultimate Tips On How To Evolve


Push Your Limits

Just like in sports, we only grow when we go beyond our own limits. If you always run five kilometers, you won’t further improve your condition. Be ready to try new things and take risks.
Only then will you discover hidden abilities and passions you never thought possible.

Abandon Perfectionism

Allow yourself to make mistakes and set perfectionism aside. By accepting shortcomings, you can learn from mistakes and evolve, rather than focusing on what you already excel at.

Open Yourself To New Ideas

How about listening to divergent opinions? Even if you don’t initially like them, they can inspire you enormously and open up new perspectives.

Take Action

Actively seek out educational opportunities, webinars, or coaching services. Don’t don’t rest. Instead, drive your personal development forward.

Find A Mentor

Everyone can improve, but sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction.
A mentor will support you in many ways – to change your perspective and discover new paths that were previously hidden from you.

Seek Feedback And Improvement Opportunities

Ask your colleagues, partner, or friends how you can improve. Instead of focusing on past achievements, focus on how you can improve in the future.
It’s motivating and boosts your development.

By evolving in this way and leveraging our strengths, we can continuously improve and unfold our full potential.
Be courageous and take a small step every day. Because every journey begins with the first step.

Do you know your strengths? And how do you use them in everyday life? I am so excited for your answer.

Take Away

    • We can only tap into our full potential if we know it.
    • Our strengths and abilities are not fixed; rather, we can train and boost them by actively using them.
    • We grow when we open ourselves to new things, learn, and allow change.
    • Plus, we can seek support from others and be inspired by them.

Would you like to know your strengths? Get in touch with me. I look forward to a conversation.

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Andrea Seekatz

I'm a trained & certified coach (ICF) and psychologist. Don't forget: Take Care of Your Self.

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