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It has been proven that a positive mindset is beneficial and that optimistic people live longer, are more successful, and experience less stress. All in all, our feeling of happiness depends only to a small extent on our living conditions. Much more powerful is how we judge them and see the world.

Some people are born with a great deal of optimism and are generally optimistic about the future. The good news is – you can learn how to earn a positive mindset.

It doesn’t mean falling into wishful thinking or being unrealistic. Instead, it’s about changing your mindset and perspective. 

The following exercises and tips will support you in finding a positive mindset. Let’s give it a try.

Positive Mindset Made Easy - Ten Valuable Tips

Of course, we don’t always succeed in having a positive mindset. However, it is essential to perceive your thinking and behavior and control it. Maybe my tips will assist you.

Which exercise did you choose? What would you like to try? Or maybe you even have a different strategy that you want to share.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in coaching?
Just get in touch with me.

Positive Mindset Made Easy - What’s Bad About Negative Thinking?

Optimism and having a positive mindset is also a topic in science for quite some time.

Psychologist Alison Ledgerwood presents exciting research about a positive mindset in this short video. She explains why we tend to see things negatively. But a positive mindset is possible and can be learned.

Definitely worth seeing. Have fun!

Andrea Seekatz

I'm a trained & certified coach (ICF) and psychologist. Don't forget: Take Care of Your Self.

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